Help for victims of Greek wildfire

Children who had a family until few days ago and now are orphans and for families who lost their kids in Greece Wildfire !!!

In cooperation with SAVE Children Europe we try to raise money for families and children who was affected by the Greece wildfire from July 2018

620 children EVACUATED near Athens as HUGE blaze raged across the country A TOTAL of 620 children from a summer camp near Athens had to be evacuated due to the fires that have swept the country and killed many people . It is Greece’s worst natural disaster since wildfires destroyed large tracts of the western Peloponnese in 2007.

An entire family has been killed in the wildfires that have struck resorts near the Greek capital, Athens, claiming the lives of more than 80 people. Rescuers discovered 26 bodies, including those of small children, huddled together at one holiday compound, some of them hugging. They were found just 30 metres away from the sea after being unable to find a route away from the fires in the village of Mati. We raise money for children who lost their families in Greece`s worst disaster and for families who lost their kids ! Please Donate and Share for Greek fire victims and survivors.

All donations will be deposited straight to Save Children Europe trough our Gofundme page . They will help every child or family who was cached in the Greek fire from 2018 !

The region of Attica in Greece has been terrorised by forest fires in the past few days. The mortality rate is 80 and climbing. We are trying to fundraise to send over to the charities providing emergency services, shelter, food and water for the survivors of the blazes from Greek fire .

Every donation matter , every share matter - Get involved PLEASE Donate or Share !!!